Week 26 - 2014

The MythWits remain on break and continue to develop material, edit interviews, and such. this past week we released an interview with Caitlin Glass, a renowned voice actress. Mike has been busy working on a couple new games that are going to be awesome! The first game, Survey Says, is a take on Family Feud. Our second new game, Geek Trivia Challenge, pits our hosts against each other to determine bet on what trivia geeks know. Our third new game, Geek Match Game, our take on another classic.

My blog was a little late this week, as is this post, but I did manage to get it posted. Check it out and please jump into the conversation.

On the game front, I've been too busy to to work on anything new this week but I did throw the print and play version of Rogue Chess into the Wayne Foundation Charity. Check it out and please support this great charity. You get so much good stuff for just a few bucks.

That's all for now, see ya' next week.

Week 25 - 2014

A new blog post for the week. This makes what, 3 in a row? Must be some sort of record. Wonder how long I can keep this up...

The MythWits remain on break. Unfortunately, there's no "in the meantime" content. However, I will say that Mike and I have put together some great stuff in the past couple weeks and when July comes around, you will be entertained. Three new games (that are fucking awesome BTW!) and a new bit that I think is exceptionally funny. I'll give you one little hint, I'm calling it The Great Blixdini.

I submitted our entry video to the Parsec committee. Keep your fingers crossed, we might even bring that baby home.

In the very near future, you might be seeing some additional content coming from me over at Nerd Rage News. My buddy Steve came up with the concept. I came up with the name and will be doing their logo. It's a new blog site dedicated to gaming, nerdom, and politics. It will be launching very soon and I may do blogging there.

That's it for this week. See ya' next week.

Week 23 - 2014

The MythWits are now in the mid-season break and will return the first week of July. In the meantime, we will be posting extra content videos of previously captured material. We may even jump on during our regularly scheduled time slot to discuss future material and if we do, we might invite you in to have a lookie see behind the curtain.

Rogue Chess is now available for purchase. Please check out our new store to get yourself a copy or three. The store is brand new and more products will be added soon. Please note that when  we get the t-shirts in the store they will be printed as you order them and may take a little time to ship out to you. This time will shorten as I make enough to build up stock.

The web site is undergoing some changes as you may have noticed. This is the first post of our new setup. Our front page will have a weekly update of the goings on in the studio. Blix's Blogorama has been moved to "The Studio" tab and has been renamed Blogzone. I have a new one up this week about my Facebook revelation. All of my 187 gnomes will be able to blog here so make sure to check out the author of each blog to see who wrote it. Most of them will be mine but I'm sure you'll catch one or two from my team.