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The ConMen are dead... Long Live the MythWits.


The ConMen PodCast was a show covering conventions all over the United States and parts of Europe. The ConMen were a collection of con goers from all over who primarily covered comic book, anime, gaming and media conventions but covered any type of geek pop-culture event. We did interviews of celebrities, guests of honor, and everyday con goers. We also hosted and recorded our own events! 

However, the best part of the show was our tips on how to enjoy your con experience to the fullest. Tips on where to stay, what it costs, where to park, where to eat, and what to see. 

We had reps in the USA from the northeast, southeast, mid-Atlantic, great lakes, and north west regions. We also had one German rep holding down the European arena.

The ConMen PodCast was primarily audio, however, we also included videos from time to time.

So who are the MythWits and what do they have to do with the ConMen? It's a long story but I'll keep it short...

Blix went GenCon and DragonCon and captured a lot of video interviews in an attempt to expand the viewership. When he returned he found another conmen group that was doing a lot of video, and then another conmen group that had a podcast, and then another. It became apparent that the name conmen was just too obvious. On top of that, while he and Mike were at Dragon*Con, he got the bug to do an all video show that was broadcast live. A series of long and hard discussions later and it was decided that the ConMen PodCast would become the MythWits Web Series. We are still going to do all of the ConMen coverage but we're expanding, going video, and going live!