Mythic Steel is the first role playing setting designed by Studio187. It is a fantasy setting like no other. All of the classical feel is there except everything has been designed to work as realistically as possible. I am a science minded person and this was important to me. It's actually how I came to design a fantasy setting.

You see I never planned to do a fantasy setting. When asked why, I started  naming the reasons and when pressed for how I would do it differently, Mythic Steel was born. I knew right away that I had to do it. My biggest prerequisite was "do something different." Not another fantasy clone of D&D but something original. Yet, it still had to fit the genre. Magic, monsters, races, quests, etc are all here but done in a way that I think has never been done before.

The imagery is going to be classic 70's and 80's fantasy. I am using Conan, Fire and Ice, and the like to inspire my art team. I started gaming in 1980 and I want Mythic Steel to capture that era.  However, I want it to take advantages of the modern game style. It will be a blend of the games you loved then and the games you love now, for all the right reasons. I'm keeping the best of the old, energizing it with the best of the new, and sprinkling in things you've never seen before.

Mythic Steel is currently in development. While it's mostly finished, I plan to Kickstart it in order to bring on a team of artists and writers to give it that last bit of awesomeness. I also need to have it professionally edited and professionally laid out. The Kickstarter is tentatively set to launch in July, it may be as late as September depending on what happens during the Rogue Chess launch.



The first run of Mythic Steel will be on my own BoxCar system. This is a point based classless system. Action resolution is done using skill levels and d6 pools. Damage is rated in levels rather than point by point and combat is super dynamic with tons of options allowing you to have your hero to pull off wild stunts. Damage is very dynamic and allows for severed limbs, instant kills, broken bones, and eventually fatal wounds. However, I have worked exceptionally hard to ensure that this does not bog down combat at all. It was not easy and has required hours and hours (and hours!) of playtesting and two substantial rewrites. My goal from the beginning has been to create a perfect balance of raw and gritty with fast and cinematic action and I feel as though I hit it dead on.

One other point to note is that Mythic Steel is not a game designed for combat with other stuff added on. It has been designed from the beginning to reach out to every type of play. Their is a substantial social interaction mechanic, crafting mechanic, survival mechanic, and the arcana is as expansive as it is fresh. Non-combat focused characters are not considered extras and the players will not feel useless playing them. In many instances, they will be essential and may even hijack the game for a little while from time to time.



Their are no monsters in Mythic Steel. However, their are really bad ass animals, plants, and fungus (yes fungus). Stretching biology to its very limits, I have created a slew of truly scary creatures. I have also made sure to make animals as nasty as they should be in real life. A lion in Mythic Steel might as well be a monster and let's not even talk about the smilodon or the titanis.



I don't use the word magic in Mythic Steel. In an attempt to break away from the same old fantasy setting, it is always referred to as arcana. Arcana cannot just do anything I want it to do. I needed to get away from canned spells and willy nilly design. I wanted it to be limited much the same way everything else in the game is. To do this, I based it off of my own pseudo-science take on string theory. But don't worry, you don't have to understand any of that. Just know that Mythic Steel arcana has a strong "behind the scenes" foundation. I detail it in the arcana section but you can just skip over that and cast spells in blissful ignorance if you please.

I wanted to make sure that being a maji (magic user, and no, it's not spelled wrong) was as much work as it was rewarding and that every maji was different not only in development but also in use. Being a maji means a lot of things and you will be able to develop your hero to utilize arcana on a sliding scale. I won't go into it any further here but rest assured, it's a very dynamic and fresh take on magic.



I use different races much like all fantasy games. I have created all of my own though so you will not see any dwarves, elves, or orcs. However, I did make sure that some close representations existed. This was purposely done to allow the players to be able to somewhat wrap their heads around the races they would be playing but it will take a bit of imagination as these associations are quite loose. Consider it a jumping off point.

I have kept them fairly scientific in their design and I have used history and sociology to guide my development of their societies. Getting several dominant sapient species all on the same world at the same time was a challenge from a real world scientific viewpoint. I think I have come up with a plausible mechanism and I think it works very well to create a rich world full of conflict and adventure.

This may sound very complicated but that's just where the story starts. Much like magic, you won't have to be overly concerned with all of that if you're not interested. It's what I like to think of as the "under the hood" world building. There for you if you're interested but not necessary to play the game. Suffice it to say that it works, it makes perfect sense, and it still feels every bit a fantasy setting.