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This playlist is for shows where we interview scientists. Pete, Mike, and Jack are all well read on many different fields of science. We interview our guests with thought provoking questions but we make sure to keep the conversation fun and accessable by everyone.


Notable Guests

Mike Mullane, Pamela Gay, Jack Clemons, Zach Moore, Nicole Gugliucci, Stephen W. Ramsden, and John Cmar.


This playlist has the shows where we interview an expert in a field other than entertainment, art, or science. These are often extremely interesting shows about thing you didn't even know you wanted to know about.


Notable Guests

Denise Clemmons, Greg Paye, The Dark Horses, Roxanne Cai, and Rob Sullivan.


This is our playlist of shows where we just hang out and talk. Some times we have a topic, sometimes we just act like fools. It gives Jack, Mike, and Pete an opportunity to talk about deep thinking subjects. these are the best shows for fan interaction because we're happy to go down just about any path you want to take us.




This playlist is for artists. We've interviewed animators, actors, comic book artists, voice actors, and directors. These shows are often the funniset because artists are often the most dynamic and entertaining individuals.


Notable Guests

Bob Camp, Pat Kilbane, Jen Page, Steve Lavigne, Duncan Rouleau, Joe Kelly, Satine Phoenix, and Ben Bishop.


This playlist is for author interviews. We specialize in fantasy and sci-fi but have interviewed some non-fiction authors as well. We love to read and it's always a joy to talk to indie arthors making it happen.


Notable Guests

Scott Sigler, Tee Morris, Phillipa Ballentine, David M. Ewalt, Paul E. Cooley, and Mur Lafferty.

Game Designers

We interview a lot of game designers. Mostly tabletop RPG but we have had a video game designer and a few board game and card game designers as well.


Notable Guests

Ed Greenwood, John Wick, Mike Pondsmith, Tim Kask, Luke Crane, Jess Hartley, Stephen S. Long, Mark Rein-Hagen.

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What the f is a MythWit?

The MythWits is a geek pop culture talk show. The show focuses on geek subject matter and presents it with comedy and wit. Most weeks we have an industry established guest host who sits in on the show. We are known primarily for our interviews, but we also do comedy bits and play short games.

This show is NSFW. We say bad words and talk about adult situations.

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