Episode 1: Gary Astleford

This is it gamers, the first TotalCon PodCast. I had the honor of interviewing industry guest Gary Astleford. He's an interesting fellow and he's doing some really cool stuff. I hope you enjoy this episode and feedback is always welcome.

Gary Astleford has been a freelance writer and game designer since 2003. In that time, he has been fortunate enough to write for companies such as Black Industries, Fantasy Flight Games, Green Ronin, and Wizards of the Coast, to name just a few. Gary broke into the computer games industry in 2007 after landing a job as a writer/editor for the Warhammer Online MMORPG. Currently, Gary lives with his wife and two children in Hudson, Massachusetts. During daylight hours, Gary works as a narrative designer for 38 Studios. His interests (in no particular order) include computer gaming, cooking, gaming, history, role-playing, writing, and (of course) his children.