In the beginning...

So here it is, my first blog. Everything starts somewhere (trust me when I say to start this took quite some time) and it's always fun to look back at the start and cringe….

This blog is a documentary on the world of auto insurance claims. How insurance companies work, what being an adjuster is like, the complex absurdity of the ‘personal injury’ cottage industry, funny stories, and by proxy: the nature of human beings. Dealing with people at their worst moments in a stressful time is an illuminating look into the workings of not only the human experience but of our own culture and society in a larger sense. I also want to let people know exactly how the sausage is made: bad faith, word vs word, the waste of government and the claims process in total. I want this blog to be Upton Sinclair's ‘The Jungle’ for insurance.  

So a bit about me. I worked in auto claims for seven years. I worked for a large multinational company, a small ‘mom and pop’ operation, and a quasi-government insurance company, catering to those who cannot get coverage anywhere else and should not be on the road. I worked in departments that only handled vehicle damage, as well as injury units and attorney represented clients. I've argued, explained, comforted, yelled, helped, screwed over, (and been threatened) by every class, race, gender and language available. In short: I've seen a lot, and I have even more to say.

So join me on a fantastic voyage of discovery and depression! Let me share with you the insight I've gathered without having to actually do one of the worst jobs in America…. Or just laugh at my pain, whatever you're into.